The Tradesman’s Arms – Farnborough

Only one gig this weekend for the band, at the Tradesman’s Arms in Farnborough, but what a gig! The pub was busy from the beginning and filled up with family and friends, other people who had been to see the band before and a young and lively crowd which made for a fantastic evening. What a party! The dance floor filled quickly with lively singing and dancing, much air guitar and a lot of beer was spilt! It was supposed to be shorter gig tonight and the band took a brief break for that free beer, which they certainly needed, but they were asked to play on; Tom said ‘Well that’s messed the setlist up!’ Yeah right! Lots of requests were shouted and they were able to meet most of them which kept the crowd very happy. The band must have been exhausted by the end, Dan was fantastic, thrashing about on the drums at the back, having a great time! It was fun trying to watch Tom drink beer from his cup holder while still playing. Check out two videos on the Tradesman’s Arms FB page. So much energy from the crowd and the band, it was a hot and very happy night!

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