the Fox and Pelican, Grayshott

A two-gig weekend started with the band’s first outing at the Fox and Pelican, Grayshott, on Friday. A large pub which has live music every month. In the first set, the crowd asked for classic rock, which the band were happy to provide! Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb was particularly well-received, with Josh’s guitar skills drawing an amazing ovation. In the second set, a younger crowd joined and the party took off! A great debut for the band here and they have been rebooked, also with a club booking. A good crowd packed out the smaller Roebuck in Wokingham from the start, for the band’s return visit there on Saturday. This pub has changed hands so the booking was not secure but they must have been pleased they went ahead with it! Standing room only with a little space at the front for dancing which spread through the pub. The landlady helpfully provided a fan as the band melted, rocking out! With a window open behind the band as they played, they drew passers-by in and the bar could hardly cope. A debut for the Boys of Summer with Josh managing two guitar parts. Lots of audience participation and filming going on! Another great crowd response and lots of hand-shaking at the end after extra encores were demanded! Gigs are The Wheatsheaf in Alton and Royal Oak Bracknell next weekend.

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